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Q: Why do you do Aikido

Jamie: “It’s good. I get sweaty. And I make new friends.”

  • Jamie, 6
  • Student
  • AKI Los Angeles

Jamie, who began Aikido at age 5, has been training at Aikido Kenkyukai for a year and a half. She heard about Aikido through her friend Nicholas and her mom wanted her to try it so she would get some exercise.

At her first class, Jamie admits, “I was nervous because it was my first day.” A year and a half later, not only has Jamie successfully integrated, but she was recently awarded her 3rd kyu blue stripe!

When we asked her why she started Aikido, Jamie replied without hesitation, “‘Cause I love it.” and looked at us as if we were crazy to even need to ask such a question. Jamie says she continues training Aikido because, “It’s good. I get sweaty. And I make new friends.”

Apart from training, Jamie spends her days going to school, doing homework, watching TV, and playing with her toys.

When asked what her life would be like with no Aikido, Jamie replied, “It would be very sad because I like to run!”

Those who wish to train with Jamie will find her attending classes at the organization’s Los Angeles dojo every Monday and Thursday.


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"So much enthusiasm and dedication from Lia Sensei! Thank you for teaching our kids so superbly!"

Carlos Barrios MD

Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychiatrist

"The work that Suzuki Sensei is doing with her students is phenomenal! I've been to the Santa Barbara dojo and trained as a guest. The dojo is spacious, the students kind and generous - and earnest martial artists."

"If you happen to live in any of the locations where Sensei has a dojo go and train. You will be glad you did. If you have children that are in need of a nourishing and fun environment - Aikido Kenkykai is the place to take them."

Tony Blomert


"We love it! Nikki loves Sensei Lia! She is so loving and awesome with the kids."

Nicole Blum-Negard

Owner, Q & A Bookkeeping Services, Inc.

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