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“I like learning about [Aikido], and it’s cool learning about it. There’s a lot of stuff that I still don’t know about Aikido.”

  • Kai, 5
  • Student
  • Los Angeles, CA, USA

Kai began Aikido when he was 4 years old at AKI Los Angeles. When we’re not permitted to have in-person classes, he attends Aikido classes on our Virtual Dojo via Zoom.

He says he was nervous and scared his first couple classes, but as he reports, on his second day, he was “Very proud of myself and happy when I earned my white belt.”

Kai’s favorite thing about Aikido is the rolls. And it sure shows! He usually does as many or more than some of the older kids.

All of us can agree that we prefer training in person at the dojo over doing classes on zoom. But Kai says that online Aikido is “pretty good.”

When asked why he continues training, Kai told us, “I like learning about it, and it’s cool learning about it. There’s a lot of stuff that I still don’t know about Aikido.”

His mom added, “Kai likes achieving accomplishments and feeling progress in his learning.”

She told us that especially during this “COVID Era”, the benefits of Aikido training are invaluable, “Developing confidence, perseverance, discipline. It’s good physical exercise but also a good mental exercise as he learns to focus and listen independently.”

When he’s not studying or doing Aikido, Kai enjoys playing with his sister.

When asked what his life would be like without Aikido, he responded, “Worse because I won’t be able to survive if I get in danger in real life.”

In summary, Kai wanted to add one important point: “I really like Aikido.”

Those who wish to train with Kai will find him attending classes on zoom and soon hopefully, in person at our Los Angeles dojo.

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Exercise is proven to build a strong immune system. And in our online classes, kids will get plenty of exercise.

Engagement with Peers

Building relationships with peers is a very important part of a child’s development. Our online classes give kids a chance to interact with each other and the instructor.

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What Others Are Saying

Don't just take it from us, let our dojo members & alumni do the talking!

"So much enthusiasm and dedication from Lia Sensei! Thank you for teaching our kids so superbly!"

Carlos Barrios MD

Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychiatrist

"The work that Suzuki Sensei is doing with her students is phenomenal! I've been to the Santa Barbara dojo and trained as a guest. The dojo is spacious, the students kind and generous - and earnest martial artists."

"If you happen to live in any of the locations where Sensei has a dojo go and train. You will be glad you did. If you have children that are in need of a nourishing and fun environment - Aikido Kenkykai is the place to take them."

Tony Blomert


"We love it! Nikki loves Sensei Lia! She is so loving and awesome with the kids."

Nicole Blum-Negard

Owner, Q & A Bookkeeping Services, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does online training work and what will I need?
Our online classes are live and interactive. In other words, your child will be seeing the instructor in Real-Time. And the instructor will be seeing your child in Real-Time. This means that your child will get direct feedback on their training.
Here's what you'll need:
  • Computer, ipad, or smartphone.
  • Internet connection.
  • Space to move around.
Can I upgrade from one Intro Package to another?

All our Intro Packages are greatly discounted so you're limited to just one choice. After that, we go over our ongoing, monthly Membership Options for your consideration.

What's the schedule?

How much does it cost if I want to continue after I've completed the Intro Package?

Monthly dues vary, depending on your length of commitment. Adult prices start at $49.97/month. Kids start at $59.97/month.

We are happy to go over all details in more depth.

Please call or text 424-209-2083

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes! AKI USA is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. We offer a limited number of scholarships each year to deserving candidates. You can fill out an application here:



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Don't take our word for it. Come try a class and experience first-hand the benefits of Aikido!



Schedule Your First Visit!


Don't take our word for it. Come try a class and experience first-hand the benefits of Aikido!


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