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“I have gotten in the best shape I’ve been in over ten years, and it feels great. I love Aikido and want to train seriously more than ever”

It is really great to have Matt Sensei back in PA and teaching classes again! With our current training I have gotten in the best shape I’ve been in over ten years, and it feels great. I love Aikido and want to train seriously more than ever thanks to Matt Sensei’s guidance.

We are also looking forward to finding a permanent dojo home very soon. The prospect of having various Aikido teachers visit AKI PA from all parts of the world is a very exciting one. This is why we will work very hard to establish the best AKI PA dojo we possibly can. We will focus on building a good student base and will put special emphasis on growing a solid kids class.

When I started training Aikido over 15 years ago, I never imagined that 15 years later I could show up at the dojo and the art would be just as fresh and exciting to me as it was when I first started. Now I see that with a good teacher leading the dojo the art and practice of Aikido will never get old.

I am looking forward to some amazing training in PA for years to come!


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What Others Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our dojo members & alumni do the talking!

"Lia Suzuki Sensei is a highly qualified teacher of Aikido. She is one of the senior women in the United States in the art. Her training history is top notch and her instruction is powerful, clear, and personable. Very professional."

George Ledyard

Chief Instructor, Aikido Eastside

"I've found Suzuki Sensei to be a very effective teacher and martial artist. She combines quality of communication, technical proficiency, and a sense of joy in her teaching and technique.

I am also very impressed with her drive and commitment to improving access to Aikido programs for youth, especially those who might otherwise not have the opportunity to receive the benefits of Aikido training"

Charles Colten

Director/Chief Instructor, Aikido in the Schools

"Lia spent years in Japan absorbing the essence of Aikido training and Japanese perseverance and grace from great teachers, and in turn she now transmits that depth of feeling to her students. Her fundraising and charitable works are exemplary, and she does lots with very little. She is admired from far and wide."

Nat McCully

Senior Engineering Manager, Adobe Systems Incorporated

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