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Kids Global Aikido Camp & Get Together

February 13 @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am PST

Kids Global Aikido Camp & Get Together

Pre-training get-to-know-each-other

Live training Sessions

Show & Tell Sessions

Q&A Session



Kayla Feder Sensei, 7th dan
Lia Suzuki Sensei, 6th dan


Saturday, February 13, 2021


Start: 10:00 PST | 13:00 EST | 18:00 BST | 19:00 CEST


End: 11:30 PST | 14:30 EST | 19:30 BST | 20:30 CEST



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Our Message:

Kids, please join us as we make friends around the world!

Whether you are new to Aikido and martial arts or if you’re super advanced, all are welcome.

At the beginning of our event, everyone will have a chance to introduce themselves and say what country they’re from.

Then we’ll have our first 30-minute Aikido class.

Next, there will be a 10-minute Show & Tell and water break.

After that, we’ll have another 30-minute class, followed once again by a Show & Tell, Q&A Session, and farewells.

To get the zoom link and password, please register below.

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Meet the Instructors

Kayla Feder Sensei, 7th dan
Kayla Feder Sensei, 7th dan

Chief Instructor / Dojo Cho at Aikido of Berkeley

Kayla Feder Sensei, 7th dan, is the Dojo Cho at Aikido of Berkeley. She fell in love with Aikido in 1973 at the age of 9 and has been dedicated to training continuously for 47 years. As a beginning student, Kayla Sensei was greatly inspired by training with Morihiro Saito Shihan, an apprentice to and one of the longest training students of O’Sensei. In 1980 Kayla Sensei traveled to Iwama, Japan to train with Saito Shihan as an uchi deshi. In subsequent trips to Japan Kayla Sensei trained with a number of other Shihan who trained under the founder. Kayla Sensei has also trained with and been strongly influenced by Doran Shihan, Nadeau Shihan, Saotome Shihan, and Ikeda Shihan.

Kayla Sensei has taught seminars throughout the US, Europe, and Israel. In addition to her Aikido accomplishments, she received a Master’s degree in Holistic Health Education from JFK University in 1998. She received the rank of 7th dan in 2021.

Kayla Sensei recognizes that we all have different bodies, histories, ages, and learning styles. She is dedicated to making Aikido accessible for anyone who wants to train at Aikido of Berkeley and her teaching style supports the individual growth of each student. She has created a warm and welcoming community at Aikido of Berkeley. Kayla Sensei also includes yoga and meditation practices as part of the training at Aikido of Berkeley. She views Aikido as a holistic art and maintains the strong conviction that through the practice of Aikido, there is no end to the growth and learning we can do on and off the mat.

Lia Suzuki Sensei, 6th dan
Lia Suzuki Sensei, 6th dan

Chief Instructor: AKI Los Angeles | National Director: AKI USA

Lia Suzuki Sensei began training Aikido in 1982. Through her first teacher, William Gleason Sensei, 7th dan, she was introduced to the distinctive Aikido of the late Yamaguchi Seigo Shihan, 9th dan and one of his most accomplished students, Takeda Yoshinobu Shihan, 8th dan.

In 1987 she moved to Japan to train with Takeda Shihan, known for his highly dynamic, uniquely flowing and physically liberating Aikido practice. Lia Sensei lived in Japan and trained almost daily from 1987 to 1996 receiving her 1st through 4th dan gradings at Takeda Shihan’s dojo during that time.

Lia Sensei returned to start dojos in the USA in 1996. Aikido Kenkyukai International (“AKI”) was formed to connect all the dojos around the world that are under Takeda Shihan’s umbrella.

Lia Sensei’s Aikido clearly reflects years of dedicated training with Takeda Shihan and his senior students. It defies typical categorizations of “hard” versus “soft.” She possesses an uncanny ability to draw an attacker into her center and effortlessly redirect, either softly or with huge force.

Lia Sensei directs her energies between AKI USA headquarters in Los Angeles and her other AKI USA dojos. She conducts seminars in Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, and other countries.

Lia Sensei continues to travel regularly to Japan to train with her teacher, Yoshinobu Takeda Shihan and his senior students.

During her nearly 10-year stay in Japan, she also studied the Japanese language and culture, while continuing her practice of Aikido. She presently holds the rank of 6th dan.

She brings a fresh and down-to-earth teaching style to our Virtual Dojo community.

Whether broadcasting from her living room, her dojo, or a beautiful park in Los Angeles, Suzuki Sensei often leaves her zoom on “Gallery View” so she can connect with every participant, giving individualized guidance and tips, appropriate to each student.

Her movements reflect her years of dedicated training, focusing on basics such as alignment, posture, zanshin, as well as advanced technical points such as correct angles and transitions.

Her classes are original, inviting, and hugely informative for beginners and experts alike.

Lia Sensei connects with participants, offering individualized guidance. Her zoom classes focus on alignment, posture, zanshin, and breath.


The base fee is $25.

For those who would like to include a donation, we have additional sign-up options.

Net proceeds will support the instructors and special events like this, as well as valuable programs, such as our youth scholarship program for those who would not normally have the opportunity to train.

**If you are experiencing financial hardship, click here to apply for a scholarship.**

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February 13
10:00 am - 11:30 am PST
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